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Silver Lake raises $15bn fund for new tech deals

24-May-2017 Source: Financier Worldwide

Impressive but challenging: private equity in Asia-Pacific

24-May-2017 Source: Financier Worldwide

Agriculture Now the Investor’s Choice

23-May-2017 Source: Agribusiness

Spain On Course for Record Year of Fundraising in 2017

22-May-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Buyout Industry Shrugs Off Overcrowding Concerns

22-May-2017 Source: Private Equity News

PE Panorama: Fairfax sale evokes frenzied bidding war

22-May-2017 Source: Asia Asset Management

Europe-focused infrastructure funds raise record €25bn

22-May-2017 Source: Property Investor Europe

Is Blackstone Shovel-Ready?

22-May-2017 Source: Bloomberg

Investing for Godot

21-May-2017 Source: Reuters

SoftBank's Fund Gets a Six-Letter Word

21-May-2017 Source: Bloomberg

Iberian private equity’s time to shine

19-May-2017 Source: Real Deals

European Infrastructure Funds Raise Record Capital

18-May-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

Born to be wild: private equity’s coming of age

18-May-2017 Source: The Drawdown

Hedge Fund Inflows Reach $20BN

18-May-2017 Source: Financier Worldwide

Funds Need Flexibility to Tackle Brexit

17-May-2017 Source: International Financial Law Review

Demand for Private Equity Boosts Chequers Fundraising

17-May-2017 Source: Financial Times

It’s Time for Hedge Funds to Move off Mayfair

15-May-2017 Source: Financial News

Hedge Fund Population Smaller than Most Think

15-May-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Investors Cautious Over Emerging Fund Managers

15-May-2017 Source: Real Estate Investment Times

CRE’s Urgent Need for Data and Reporting Standards

15-May-2017 Source: Globe Street

LeapFrog Targets Private Equity Gains in Africa and Asia

12-May-2017 Source: Financial Times

Canadian Pension Plan PSP Eyes Secondaries Business, says CEO

10-May-2017 Source: Private Equity News

CVC To Close $15bn Buyout Fund in Q2

10-May-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Hedge Fund Demand Value From Service Providers

10-May-2017 Source: HedgeWeek

Co-Investments in Private Equity Rise Along with Risks

10-May-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

17Capital Soards Past Target with Fourth Fund

08-May-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Vista Equity Goes Big with $11 Billion Tech-Focused Buyout Fund

08-May-2017 Source: Wall Street Journal

Warren Buffet Says Stick to Index Funds

08-May-2017 Source: Institutional Investor

BHP Billiton Draws Fire from Second Activist Investor

05-May-2017 Source: The Telegraph

Room for More to Ride the Infrastructure Fund Wave

04-May-2017 Source: Private Equity News

The Light and Shadows of Co-Investment

04-May-2017 Source: Real Deals

The Private Equity Firms that Just Won’t Stay Down

03-May-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Pension Funds Need to Give to Get

03-May-2017 Source: Bloomberg

Authers’ Note: Soft Data Soften

02-May-2017 Source: Financial News

Transition Problems

02-May-2017 Source: Investment & Pensions Europe

Investing in Private Equity: Concerns in a Hot Market

02-May-2017 Source: Investment & Pensions Europe

Goldman Takes Minority Stake in Accel-KKR

02-May-2017 Source: Private Equity News

Private Debt Funds in Market by Geographic Focus

02-May-2017 Source: The Lead Left

Hedge Fund Employment up One Third Since 2010

01-May-2017 Source: HFM Week

European Funds Still Seeing US Market as Place to be

01-May-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

More Governments Eyeing Sovereign Wealth Funds

01-May-2017 Source: Pensions & Investments

Hedge Funds Bolster Staff Despite Performance Worries

01-May-2017 Source: Financial Times