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Preqin is the most regularly quoted data provider for news stories relating to alternative assets.


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Carlyle Raises $6.55 Billion for Fifth Asia Buyout Fund

21-Jun-2018 Source: Wall Street Journal

Top of the Morning

20-Jun-2018 Source: Axios

Is Litigation Finance Hot? Hiring Points to Yes.

19-Jun-2018 Source: Institutional Investor

Private Debt: A Slow Start for Europe

18-Jun-2018 Source: Lead Left

PE HUB Wire Highlights, 6.18.18

18-Jun-2018 Source: peHUB

Altamar Homing in on €600 Million Target for Fund of Funds

18-Jun-2018 Source: Private Equity News

The Pros and Cons of LP Bloat

18-Jun-2018 Source: Private Equity News

Distressed debt funds tap into fears over credit cycle

18-Jun-2018 Source: Financial Times

Toujours plus de gros contributeurs au private equity Mondial

15-Jun-2018 Source: Private Equity Magazine

What future for long/short equity?

14-Jun-2018 Source: IPE

Single Market Approach Pays Off

14-Jun-2018 Source: EuroProperty

Man/buyout fund clones: private Pyle

14-Jun-2018 Source: Financial Times

Trois petits tours et puis s'en vont

14-Jun-2018 Source: Les Echos

These Are the Biggest Investors in Private Equity

14-Jun-2018 Source: Institutional Investor

KKR To Acquire Envision for Nearly $6B

13-Jun-2018 Source: Jewish Voice

The size of Europe’s alternatives boom is revealed

13-Jun-2018 Source: Funds Europe

European alternatives industry approaches EUR1.50tn in AUM

13-Jun-2018 Source: Private Equity Wire

New AUM Record in European Alternatives Industry

13-Jun-2018 Source: Fonds Trends

Preqin study shows alts hit records in Europe

13-Jun-2018 Source: Investment Europe

Amundi: European Alternatives Industry Approaches €1.50tn in AUM

13-Jun-2018 Source: Financial Investigator

Columbia Threadneedle builds infrastructure team

12-Jun-2018 Source: Financial News

UK: Private Equity: Are We Nearing A Peak?

12-Jun-2018 Source: Mondaq

We need to adapt and thrive, just like FundForum

12-Jun-2018 Source: BNY Mellon

Private Equity in China: Rise of the Mega Fund

12-Jun-2018 Source: Brink Asia

REAL ESTATE INSIDE VIEW: Attention to detail

11-Jun-2018 Source: Funds Europe

Private Debt and Public Market Performance

11-Jun-2018 Source: Lead Left

Infrastructure sees continued fundraising gains

11-Jun-2018 Source: Pensions & Investments

Investors uncertain on 'fund-of-firms' strategies

11-Jun-2018 Source: Pensions & Investments

$1bn club of hedge fund investors is cautious overall

11-Jun-2018 Source: Financial Times

Funds ‘snowball’ means big firms can only get bigger

11-Jun-2018 Source: Financial Times

Korea’s Poba lifts hedge fund investments

10-Jun-2018 Source: AsianInvestor

‘Private debt could be Asia’s new frontier’

09-Jun-2018 Source: Fortune India

Ant's $14 bln haul epitomises private excess

08-Jun-2018 Source: Reuters

Local PE secondary market to grow

08-Jun-2018 Source: Investment Magazine

Alternative Investments: A Core Asset Class

07-Jun-2018 Source: Journal of Applied IT in Investment Management

Private Debt Investors Turn to Asia

07-Jun-2018 Source: Institutional Investor

Trouble brews for Coffey’s new hedge fund

07-Jun-2018 Source: Financial News

Former Goldman banker Byron Trott plans fundraising

06-Jun-2018 Source: Financial Times

Alaska Launches New $1B Credit Program

06-Jun-2018 Source: Fundfire

Oaktree Revs Up Major Sales Push Beyond U.S.

06-Jun-2018 Source: Fundfire

Another US hedgie is coming to London

06-Jun-2018 Source: City AM

Managed Futures: In pursuit of ‘crisis alpha’

04-Jun-2018 Source: Investment & Pensions Europe

What future for long/short equity?

04-Jun-2018 Source: Investment & Pensions Europe

Italian Private-Equity Activity on Hold Amid Political Upheaval

04-Jun-2018 Source: Private Equity News

The 15 Hottest (But Closed) Private Equity Funds

04-Jun-2018 Source: Institutional Investor

The truth about hedge fund performance

04-Jun-2018 Source: AIMA

Canadian Insurer Wants to Manage More Infrastructure

03-Jun-2018 Source: Wall Street Journal